Construction Law

Construction Law assistance regarding COVID-19:

COVID-19 is presenting many unique challenges for contractors, consultants, material suppliers, commercial developers and residential owners. Cook Roberts LLP’s Construction Law team is up to date with these issues and is prepared to help you with all of your inquiries during these difficult times, including in respect to builders liens, contract disputes, force majeure issues, and delay claims.

If you need advice regarding a construction matter, please contact our construction law assistant, Alexis Peel, by email at, or by phone at 250-413-3328. You can also contact any of our construction law lawyers directly by email or telephone using the contact information found on their personal profiles.

Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers are able to assist you with a full range of construction law services. We represent general contractors, sub-contractors, material suppliers and owners on a wide range of issues including contract disputes, delay claims, builders liens, and defect claims. Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers recognize that unresolved claims can add time and money to projects that neither side can afford; we therefore make every effort to help you resolve your disputes in a timely and effective manner, whether that be through negotiation, mediation, arbitration or litigation.

  • Contract Disputes

    Disputes over extras, change orders, and payment can arise quickly and create numerous problems on a project including delays and cost over-runs. Regardless of where you may sit on the contractual chain, Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers can quickly advise you of your rights and possible remedies and help you negotiate a timely solution that keeps the contractors getting paid, and the project on time.

  • Delay Claims

    Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers have extensive experience in preparing, presenting and litigating delay claims from both owners’ and contractors’ perspectives. Though mediation can frequently result in a mutually-agreeable resolution, Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers have experience at all levels of court and arbitration and have the knowledge and skill to put forward your strongest case possible.

  • Builders Liens

    As a contractor, material supplier, or architect, often a builders lien is the only leverage that you have to ensure payment of your invoices. The 45-day window in which to file a claim of lien and the precision required by the Builders Lien Act mean that timing and precision is essential. Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers have the knowledge, experience, and administrative support to ensure that your claim of lien is done quickly, and done right the first time.

    Once your claim of lien is filed, Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers will negotiate payment on your behalf or, ultimately, commence and litigate an action in BC Supreme Court to enforce your claim of lien.

    For owners and general contractors, quick and efficient removal of liens from title is often the difference between a smooth project and one fraught with delay and added costs. Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers have extensive experience negotiating the removal of liens through posting of cash or lien bonds, as well as applying to court on short notice when negotiation is unsuccessful.

  • Defect Claims

    Defects can arise in construction work at any time, and are often not discovered for years after the project has been completed. Investigating and repairing these defects can be time-consuming and expensive and can involve working with and against present owners, past owners, contractors, material suppliers, engineers, architects, and insurers.

    Cook Roberts LLP construction lawyers have experience with all sizes of claims; from quick fixes to complex, multi-million dollar, multi-party litigation. Our construction lawyers have the skills and knowledge to help you put your best case forward whether through mediation, arbitration, or going to court.