Civil Litigation and Disputes

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Civil Litigation

Cook Roberts LLP’s Civil Litigation team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in virtually any area of civil litigation, including commercial disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, professional negligence, and lease/tenancy disputes. Our lawyers will work with you to settle your disputes in an efficient and cost-effective manner whether through negotiation or mediation. If your dispute cannot be settled, Cook Roberts LLP lawyers have experience at all levels of court and will represent and guide you through the trial process to ensure that your strongest case is presented to the court.

Commercial Disputes

Cook Roberts LLP’s Civil Litigation team has experience dealing with virtually every nature of commercial dispute: debtor-creditor claims (including debt collection), foreclosures, contract disputes, or any one of a number of issues that arise when conducting business. Cook Roberts LLP litigators will help you analyze your risk, control your costs, and work towards timely solutions based on that risk.
Our team is able to guide you through the litigation process in a manner that will put you in the best position possible at each step and to reach a favourable settlement or judgment.

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes

Most business ventures will experience some form of internal conflict during the life of the business. Whether those conflicts are large or small, Cook Roberts LLP’s Civil Litigation team can help you understand your legal rights and protect your interests.
If your dispute can’t be resolved and you or another partner or shareholder decide to leave the business, Cook Roberts LLP’s Civil Litigators will work to protect your interests and get you a fair settlement or judgment.

Lease and Tenancy Disputes

Whether you are a landlord in a commercial lease dispute or a tenant, your business relies on certainty and the effective resolution of lease issues. Cook Roberts LLP’s litigators can help you with all manner of lease dispute, from negotiating rent on renewal, to litigating breaches of the lease, termination, and pursuing current or former tenants for unpaid rent.

If you are a residential landlord, dealing with difficult tenants is no less challenging. The Residential Tenancy Act can be a minefield of process and procedure, and Cook Roberts LLP’s litigators can guide you through that process, whether “behind-the-scenes” as advisors and consultants, or fully representing you before an arbitrator at a dispute resolution hearing.