Business Law

  • Incorporation of Companies

    Cook Roberts LLP lawyers can assist you with the British Columbia and federal incorporation processes, along with ongoing corporate transactions, corporate filings, and maintenance work. This work includes amalgamations, rollovers, restorations, and extra-provincial registrations. Cook Roberts LLP also accepts engagements to act as the registered and records office for corporations. Cook Roberts LLP lawyers can assist you with the creation and ownership structure of new companies and can further assist you with various matters that arise in the day-to-day operation of your business.

    Cook Roberts LLP lawyers can assist you in understanding the obligations, duties and liabilities in acting as a director of a company. We can further assist you in determining what corporate structure will best suit your needs.

  • Purchase & Sale of a Business (Asset or Share)

    Cook Roberts LLP lawyers routinely represent clients in the process for either selling or purchasing a business. The purchase of a business usually takes the form of either a purchase of the assets of a business, or the purchase of the shares of the company that operates the business. Our lawyers can assist you in the “due diligence” phase of a business sale, when you are reviewing  all facets of the business, negotiating and drafting of the purchase agreement, and at the completion stage involving the transfer of assets or shares, along with related financing activity. Cook Robert LLP lawyers routinely work with brokers, real estate agents and accountants to ensure the purchase and sale of a business is as smooth as possible.

  • Societies and Partnerships

    Cook Roberts LLP lawyers can assist you with the BC Corporate Registry process for societies and partnerships. This work includes the initial formation of provincial or federal societies, and the ongoing maintenance work for societies. This work also includes the creation of partnerships including general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability partnerships. Our lawyers are able to assist with the negotiation and drafting of partnership agreements and the drafting of a society’s constitution and bylaws. Our lawyers are further able to provide opinions of the application of legislation governing societies and partnerships.

  • Shareholders and Partnership Agreements

    Cook Roberts LLP lawyers can assist you with the negotiation and preparation of shareholder agreements or partnership agreements. These agreements are best done at the outset of a business venture, but can put in place at any time during the lifetime of a venture.

  • Secured Lending Transactions

    Cook Roberts LLP lawyers represent institutional and private lenders in commercial loan transactions. Our lawyers have experience in a wide range of secured lending transactions including commercial real estate financing, equipment, and marine financing and routinely assist clients in drafting loan agreements and determining the appropriate security to obtain from borrowers in commercial lending transactions.