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Mediation and Arbitration


Mediation is a method of resolving a dispute outside of court through the assistance of a neutral third-party, the mediator. The mediator’s role is to facilitate communication among parties in order to help them reach a satisfactory solution.

Kathryn Berge, Q.C. is an experienced and skilled mediator providing mediation services primarily in the areas of family law, estate litigation and civil disputes.


Arbitration is a method of resolving disputes outside of court where the parties refer the dispute to an impartial arbitrator who will review the evidence of a case and make a decision that is legally binding and enforceable.

Kathryn regularly chairs hearings of two administrative tribunals, working as an arbitrator in these settings. She is available to arbitrate family law and estate disputes, drawing on her years of experience as a mediator and advocate in these areas.


Many disputes are resolved before a trial and even before litigation starts. At Cook Roberts our lawyers use a variety of methods to resolve our clients’ disputes including Mediation and Arbitration.